Flavours that delight us!

At Quinta do Peru restaurant, savour the essence of Portuguese culinary excellence intertwined with a global flair. Our chef, inspired by contemporary cuisine, masterfully blends the rich traditions of Portuguese culinary craftsmanship, infusing a touch of global charm with international favorites that resonate with our diverse patrons. Elevating each dish with regional products, our menu promises a sublime fusion of flavours. Fueled by the passion of our dedicated team and seasoned with expertise, our offerings are thoughtfully paired with the finest wines from the region. Immerse yourself in an exceptional dining experience within a unique space, perfect for both leisurely moments and professional events! 

Opening hours: 07:30 until 18:00

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+351 964 584 633 / restaurante@quintadoperugolf.com


Whether you’re travelling with friends, vacationing with family, planning a romantic escape or planning a corporate or social event, Quinta do Peru is the perfect canvas for you to craft a memorable experience.